22 August 2019
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Our Early Years Team will support and extend your child’s intellectual, social and physical development along with their emotional wellbeing. Our aim is to foster a love of lifelong learning in the precious first year of their school life. We believe that all children can be creative, explore, take risks and follow their own interests and develop a love of imaginative play. Our curriculum is embedded across all areas of learning, which have an important and equal weighting, in which we explore our rich and extensive school grounds (including our school woods, pond and garden). Play and Learning are a crucial part to our learning and meeting every child’s individual needs – the children will have so much fun they will not notice how much they are learning and developing! We look forward to welcoming your child into our fun, vibrant, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment.
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Year 1

We try to make the transition from Reception into Year 1 as easy as possible by having some joint activities with Reception. The children still have the opportunity to learn through child-initiated play, alongside more specific lessons. We like to make all of our learning as engaging as possible with theme based activities they can relate to. Letters and Sounds is our main vehicle for teaching phonics, but we use lots of other resources too, including Jolly Phonics. We have regular trips within the locality, including the Pantiles and a local park. By the end of the year we go further afield and this year we will visit the Ashdown Forest in July. We build a lot of our learning around our school values, including resilience, curiosity and a sense of community. We are conscious that all children are unique and we strive to promote a safe and warm environment in which all children feel safe, happy and keen to learn.
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Year 2

Year 2 is a time of huge academic, social and developmental progress for most children. We nurture self-confidence and independence and provide opportunities for the children to make their own choices and help them take responsibility for their actions and belongings. Cross phase Golden Time, Phase Days and the Christmas production enable the Year 2 children to make friends out of their class and year group.
Although the children will sit SATs tests at the end of the year, this is not at the obvious focus of their learning. They will be thoroughly prepared for these tests through a creative, topic based approach, which introduces them to think and discover independently.
Quality literature is used to encourage learning about the wider world. They will explore what it would have been like to be a child during the Great Fire of London and Ancient Egypt and find out how people in other countries live. Our woods will be used to study nature through the changing seasons and the children will be encouraged to notice, record and explain the changes they experience.
Our aim is to send confident, happy children into the next stage of their school journey.
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Year 3

In Year 3, the children are stepping from the peaceful surrounding of the Infants, where they can have as much support as they need and want, into the wider pastures of the Juniors, where it is necessary for them to becoming increasingly independent and self-sufficient. Our job as teachers is to help them manage that transition.

We focus on life skills such as a growth mindset, resilience, and self- and peer-assessment, as well as promoting curiosity and confidence in their own abilities. Many new concepts are introduced in Year 3, such as the formal methods of calculation in Maths; advanced sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation in Literacy; and making predictions and drawing conclusions in Science. A higher level of detail, precision and accuracy is expected in their learning, which can bring great satisfaction.
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Year 4

Year 4 is unique in many ways. Children are encouraged to
develop their independence and take more responsibility for their learning. They should understand what they need to do to improve.
The overnight residential allows the children opportunities to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and work collaboratively.
The outdoor areas at school are also utilised throughout the year. This hands-on learning also happens frequently in the classroom using K’nex, Lego Wedo, electrical kits, squash and beginning to learn to play the ukulele. Our themes complement the skills we want to develop due to their wide variety; these include:
‘Inventors and Inventions’, ‘The Great Outdoors’, ‘Invaders and Settlers’, and
‘An American Adventure’.

Carroty Wood Residential Trip

Acer and Juniper recently went on an overnight trip to Carroty Wood. This is an annual event for children in year 4 where they take part in team challenges and stay overnight. As well as undertaking teamwork challenges the children are
encouraged to be independent and carry out chores such as making the beds,
washing up, preparing for meals and hoovering their rooms.
To evaluate the impact of these residential trips on pupils we decided to carry out a survey looking at their experience of collaborative working, outdoor learning,
challenging a growth mindset and confidence and engagement with learning.

Working together with the Year 4 teachers one of our Governors spoke with four
children from each class about their experience. The result was overwhelmingly
positive, even from children who had initial apprehensions about the trip.
The activities were a clear favourite, the ones mentioned include swimming, BMX riding, walking High Ropes and The Great Escape where the children undertook challenges while tied together - encouraging some amazing teamwork. Other favourites mentioned were the food as well as sleeping away overnight – though some mentioned the time spent sleeping was reduced as per usual in a sleepover environment!

All children thought the challenges they were set helped to increase confidence and they all mentioned skills they had learnt to help them when back at school.
Some of the comments include:

  • The trip was great for independence, we were made to do things we wouldn’t normally and we were pushed to our limits.
  • I loved The Maze – I learnt to never give up and look ahead.
  • We learnt to have a growth mindset, to complete things, to not be afraid of new challenges and to make new friends.
  • The trip was really good for confidence, especially the Maze and the Great Escape.
  • We learnt new things – first you think you can’t and then you can.
  • I learnt to stay positive and teamwork and communication.
  • It was hard to make the beds, everyone got stuck inside the duvet but this was fun.
  • Washing up was actually fun.
  • I’m now doing house chores after this.
  • I want to do it again.

Annelie Banerjee
Outdoor learning governor

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Year 5

In Year 5, we provide an enquiry-based curriculum; whether it be Space, Shakespeare, Sex Education or the Rain Forest, the children will have opportunities to enquire, debate, research, record and present in different ways. This will help them discover their own learning styles and promote collaboration and resilience.

Behind each topic we plan science, art or design technology that deepens the learning and is active and fun. We will be making bread, investigating changing materials and forces, as well as learning about European Artists from the 17 th century and Georgia O’Keeffe. Our trips take us to Herstmonceux Science Observatory and the Globe Theatre where they enjoy a professional Shakespearian drama workshop!
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Year 6

Year 6 provides the children with an opportunity to experience an innovative and creative curriculum, which includes learning about ancient civilizations, evolution and adaptation, and Sherlock Holmes. They are encouraged to grow in confidence and independence, as they prepare for their transition to secondary school. In Year 6, children drive their own learning, working independently and in groups on several exciting projects. This includes creating their own spiral bound Evolution books; picture books for their Reception reading partners; editing the school website; designing and making gingerbread houses; and of course the end of year show! Other highlights include the annual visit to The Pantiles for ice creams, the wet towel race on sports day and our exciting residential visit to the Isle of Wight in July!
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