24 September 2023
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Positive Behaviour and Rewards

In order to be the best learner we can be, we are
1. Kind
2. Respectful
3. Polite

Claremont Primary School’s Core Values:
Autumn 1: Determination with self-belief
Autumn 2: Respect and kindness
Spring: Joy in wellbeing
Summer: Imagination through curiosity

Positive Behaviour Management:
Our primary goal is to ensure the wellbeing and success of all our pupils. All members of staff are responsible for the behaviour of pupils and at all times will be fair and consistent, taking in to account individual needs. All members of staff will encourage children to make good learning and behaviour choices throughout the school day.

We encourage all children to talk to an adult if they have any concerns:
Mrs Smith - Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Edmonds
Mrs Oliver
Mrs Barnes
Please see the Children and Wellbeing page for further information.

All adults will challenge undesirable behaviour as soon as it is seen and will make clear that poor choices have consequences.

Rewards will focus on attitude to learning rather than attainment. They will seek to promote a ‘Growth Mindset’ and a ‘can do’ attitude towards learning. Children will be praised for effort and the learning strategies used rather than ability.
  • Children may be rewarded in variety of ways:
  • Positive verbal feedback.
  • Being on the smiley face.
  • Privilege cards.
  • Housepoints (see below).
  • Weekly effort and enthusiasm certificates which are presented in assembly.
  • Postcards or letters home.
  • The use of a marble jar or similar for whole class behaviour might result in a treat.
If a child is rewarded with a privilege/sparkly card, this will be recorded as an
achievement on SIMS.

Behaviour that does not meet with the expectations set out in the behaviour policy and the class rules will be discussed in terms of the choices that the child has made and the consequences attached to that choice. Blanket class punishments are not acceptable at Claremont.

If a situation arises where a child is given a red card, this will be recorded by their class teacher on SIMS, our pupil database. This helps record, monitor and manage the overall behaviour across the school.

House System

There are four houses at Claremont. Children are allocated a house in Reception year and stay in this house for the duration. Younger siblings are allocated the same house as older brothers and sisters.
Houses are as follows:
Dragons (red)
Eagles (green)
Lions (yellow)
Unicorns (blue)
Children participate in house activities throughout the school year and particularly in school sporting activities. House points are awarded for good behaviour and accumulate with houses winning treats for earning the most points. Staff members are also allocated houses and support the children on Sports Day. Year 6 children can stand for House Captain in an election process which takes place in Term 1.

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