22 August 2019
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Behaviour and Rewards

Our school behaviour policy is designed to embody our school values and is based on three principles:

  1. A clear expectation of good behaviour that is set out in the pupil Code of Conduct.
  2. An emphasis on the positive encouragement of desired behaviours.
  3. Letting Every Light Shine by recognising that, while there are behavioural standards that apply to all, there are many different ways to make a positive contribution to school life.

These principles are brought to life through a number of reward
schemes designed to offer a variety of ways achieve:
  • House Points are awarded to individuals or groups for model behaviours, effort in learning and other good deeds.
  • Good to be Green certificates are awarded for those children who consistently display good behaviour over each term.
  • Governor Awards are presented annually for consistent high standards over the year.

Claremont uses the Good to be Green behaviour management approach, which seeks to both reward good behaviour on a day to day basis and to provide a clear mechanism for signalling behaviour that does not meet the standards set out in the Code of Conduct.

It is the role of all school staff to make it clear from the application of these schemes, and in everyday interaction with children, that good behaviour is achievable and rewarded consistently, fairly and immediately.

House System

There are four houses at Claremont. Children are allocated a house in Reception year and stay in this house for the duration. Younger siblings are allocated the same house as older brothers and sisters.
Houses are as follows:
Dragons (red)
Eagles (green)
Lions (yellow)
Unicorns (blue)
Children participate in house activities throughout the school year and particularly in school sporting activities. House points are awarded for good behaviour and accumulate with houses winning treats for earning the most points. Staff members are also allocated houses and support the children on Sports Day. Year 6 children can stand for House Captain in an election process which takes place in Term 1.


School Values:

Autumn 1: Determination with Self-Belief

Autumn 2: Respect and Kindness

Please watch the wonderful video that expresses these values.

Spring: Joy in Wellbeing

Imagination through Curiosity

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