24 September 2023
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Outdoor Learning

What does outdoor learning at Claremont mean?

At Claremont, outdoor learning is a key tool in our curriculum. It is used to gain skills, knowledge and understanding developing learning to a deeper level. The children are encouraged to make links to the natural world around them while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

We at Claremont recognise the lasting benefits outdoor learning provides including the positive impacts on academic achievement, personal and social development as well as wellbeing and mental health.

Well-being is driven through outdoor learning. Our direct learning experiences
cannot happen in a classroom environment because we recognise young people need different spaces and activities to help them. Learning outside the classroom in non-formal settings can help our pupils to access the following:

• experience and understand their emotions
• learn how to work successfully with their peers and with adults
• see the potential for experiencing calm and relaxation through reflection
• release energy and increase fitness through physical activity

Our outdoor learning opportunities are wide-ranging: they support our exciting curriculum, offering team building and leadership challenges, and transferrable skills for adult life e.g. communication, problem-solving and risk-taking.

What each year group does:

All outdoor learning provides all pupils the chance to work independently of the teacher allowing them to explore the world around them. This is essential to link learning to them and their world.

Planning outdoor learning opportunities are carefully chosen to link to the National Curriculum and develop deeper understanding. Opportunities often arise throughout the year and all teacher consider how the outdoors can help support these.

Please see this link for each year group's opportunities.

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