08 December 2023
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Clubs and After School Activities

There are a number of clubs and activities at Claremont. Some are run by staff and others by organisations independent from the school. Please click on our clubs for a detailed list.

For clubs that are teacher-led, please wait for a sign up letter to come home.

For clubs that are run by outside organisations, please contact them directly. All arrangements are made through them and are independent of the school office.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer wraparound care with a breakfast club or after school club. If you would like more information about childminders or after school care please follow this link to the Kent County Council website.

Music Lessons

Music Lessons are privately arranged directly with the following providers. Please contact them for information:

Kent Music (piano and flute): https://ukkent.speedadmin.dk/registration#/
Rock and Pop Foundation (guitar): 01252 368330
Tunbridge Wells Music School (drums): 07949 665340
Madeleine Butcher (violin): 07960 878616
i-Rock: 0330 174 2655

Some children excel and go on a significant journey with music; a journey which they continue and take through their whole educational voyage. They may be gifted and talented in music. Music may take them towards a future of orchestras, musicals, bands and performances. If this is your child then the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme may be a scheme that might be useful to you.

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