24 September 2023
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Our curriculum at Claremont

At Claremont, it is important to us that learning is engaging, as this is when we learn best! Our curriculum is inspiring and exciting and includes educational visits and special visitors to give the children real experiences. Enquiry is key to our curriculum. Through a project-based approach, the pupils learn to be collaborators, innovators, leaders and risk-takers. We plan using a robust subject skills progression. To us, skills are just as important as knowledge and therefore, we are sometimes brave in our approach – ‘do less but do it better!’


Our Early Years Team will support and extend your child’s intellectual, social and physical development along with their emotional wellbeing. Our aim is to foster a love of lifelong learning in the precious first year of their school life. We believe that all children can be creative, explore, take risks and follow their own interests and develop a love of imaginative play. Our curriculum is embedded across all areas of learning, which have an important and equal weighting, in which we explore our rich and extensive school grounds (including our school woods, pond and garden). Play and Learning are a crucial part to our learning and meeting every child’s individual needs – the children will have so much fun they will not notice how much they are learning and developing! We look forward to welcoming your child into our fun, vibrant, stimulating, safe and nurturing environment.

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

Year 1

Year 1 is an exciting, engaging and motivating stepping stone from the Early Years to KS1. We create an environment that fosters independent and confident learning in a nurturing, caring setting.

We strive to stretch and challenge each child so that they can achieve their true potential, whilst allowing their individual interests and creativity to blossom. This is especially evident in their Plan Do Review sessions.

Phonics continues to be an integral part of learning. The children enjoy daily Phonics lessons, which are taught through a multisensory approach. We ensure that the children are thoroughly prepared for the Phonics Screening Check at the end of the year.

Our year is structured around three core themes; Discover, Explore and Create.

The Discover theme is led by our key question ‘What was life like 1000 years ago?’ Within this, the children learn about the Medieval Period, The Battle of Hastings and how life was similar and different to today. Visiting a local castle is always a highlight!

During Explore, we compare and contrast Tunbridge Wells (here) to the Arctic Circle and in particular, Sisimiut (si-si-mi-et) a town in Greenland (there). The children appreciate learning about the different cultures, lifestyles, weather and climate within our question 'What makes a home here and there?'. Uncovering our learning by melting ice and cracking the clues is an unforgettable 'hook' into the Explore theme.

Finally, in Create, the curriculum is enriched with Art, Music and DT opportunities. The children experience first-hand how plants and animals live and grow. Our trip to the Ashdown Forest really enhances their knowledge and understanding about the world around them.

Central to Year 1 is our focus on wellbeing, promoting a lifelong love of learning and encouraging independence. We truly believe that a happy child is a happy and successful learner.

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

Year 2
Year 2 is a time of significant academic, social and developmental progress for the children. We nurture self-confidence and independence and provide opportunities for them to make their own choices and help them take responsibility for their actions and belongings.

Although the children will sit SATs tests at the end of the year, this is not the only focus of their learning. They will be thoroughly prepared for these tests through a creative, theme based approach:

The Discover theme is an exciting opportunity to develop historical enquiry skills through the theme The Great Fire of London.

During our Explore term, the children master map work and fieldwork skills whilst learning about Africa.

Throughout the Create theme, the children enjoy learning about animals, through painting, sculpture and other forms of artwork.

Our fundamental aim is to nurture confident, happy children and to prepare them for their time in Key Stage Two.

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

Year 3
In Year 3, the children are stepping up from the Infants into the wider pastures of the Juniors, where it is necessary for them to becoming increasingly independent and self-sufficient. They are expected make mistakes and be willing to take risks, be reflective and take responsibility for their own learning. Our job as teachers is to help them manage that transition and facilitate their growing independence.

We focus on life skills such as a resilience, reflectiveness and curiosity, well as promoting confidence in their own abilities. Many new concepts are introduced in Year 3, such as the formal methods of calculation in Maths; advanced sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation in English; and making predictions and drawing conclusions in Science. A higher level of detail, precision and accuracy is expected in all of their learning, which can bring great satisfaction.

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

Year 4
Year 4 is unique in many ways. Children are encouraged to develop
their independence and take more responsibility for their learning. The
overnight residential trip allows the children opportunities to push themselves
beyond their comfort zone and work collaboratively.
The outdoor areas at school are also utilised throughout the year along with
welly walk.

Carroty Wood Residential Trip
Acer and Juniper experience an overnight trip to Carroty Wood in October. This
is an annual event for children in Year 4 where they take part in team
challenges and stay overnight. During the trip, the children are encouraged to
be independent and carry out chores such as making the beds, washing up,
preparing for meals and hoovering their rooms. The activities include high
ropes, bmx biking, swimming and various group challenges. This trip allows the
new classes to bond with each other and links with our school value of
determination with self-belief.

During the Autumn term, the children learn about the invasion and
settlement in Britain by the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We discover whether
invasion is ever justified and why Britain was such an appealing place to live.
Through historical enquiry, the children explore different sources and consider
the reliability of these finds. Learning experiences include retelling the
story of Beowulf, Viking day and handling Anglo-Saxon artefacts.

During the Spring term, our big question is ‘Can we always control
change in the world?’ The children explore the locational Geography of Europe
which includes capital cities, mountains, rivers and landmarks. We also explore
the effect humans have on our planet and what we can do to help reduce climate
change in our local area. Sky TV Studios is a very exciting trip for the
children where they make a news documentary on climate change around the world.

During the Summer term, our theme focus is on Design and Technology,
Music and Art. We investigate levers and linkages in DT, creating a pop-up book
targeted at younger children as the final product.

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

Year 5
In Year 5, we aim to make everything engaging and inspirational. We provide an enquiry-based curriculum and we look at the themes of “What did the Ancient Greeks ever do for us?”, “Is there anybody out there?” and “Do we always appreciate what we’ve got?”. The children will have opportunities to enquire, debate, research, record and present in different ways. This will help them discover their own learning styles and promote collaboration and resilience.

Behind each topic’s theme, we plan science, art or design technology that deepens the learning and is active and fun. We will be designing and making products in DT, investigating changing materials and forces in Science, as well as developing artistic skills and techniques throughout the year. Our trips take us to the Kent Life museum, where the children will experience life as an Ancient Greek, and we have many exciting visitors who come in to see us in school. All of our themes end with a fantastic finish where the children create an exhibition piece to celebrate their learning.

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

Year 6
In Year 6, pupils are encouraged to grow in confidence and independence, as they prepare for their transition to secondary school. Year 6 provides the children with an opportunity to experience an innovative and creative curriculum, based on an enquiry approach.

Discover: 'How can we learn from the past?'
The Discover theme is an exciting opportunity for pupils to develop historical enquiry skills through an in depth study of World War Two. Their project is to work in teams to film and edit a World War Two documentary. This includes going off-site for filming and interviewing experts in school.

Explore: 'Do our choices matter?
During our 'Explore' term, the pupils learn all about earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as mastering fieldwork and mapping skills. Pupils also learn about renewable energy, which culminates in an exciting (Apprentice style) pitch about a possible energy solution.

Create: 'How does the media influence us?'
The children will create an arts project, which links to popular culture. They will also design and make an electrical fairground ride, and then there is the end of year show!

Other highlights include the end-of-year BBQ, the wet towel race on sports day and our exciting residential visit to Wales in June!

Terms 1 & 2 (Discover) Curriculum Map
Terms 3 & 4 (Explore) Curriculum Map
Terms 5 & 6 (Create) Curriculum Map

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