21 November 2019
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SEN at Claremont

Claremont’ s SEN vision is to provide facilities for a happy, safe, nurturing and inclusive environment where ALL children are supported, valued, inspired and challenged, so they may flourish to achieve their full potential irrespective of ability or behaviour.

Claremont school is committed to promote education and welfare of children through positive promotion of equality, challenging bullying and stereotypes. We aim to create an environment which champions respect for all. At all levels the School is an inclusive community - we believe that diversity is a strength, which
should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit here.

We are delighted to announce that to mark the 50th Year of Claremont we will be setting up a sensory room and purchasing additional supportive technology to benefit all the pupils at the school in acknowledgement and celebration of the hard work and dedication of the teachers and teaching partners over the years and their tireless commitment to Claremont's pupils.

Universal provision – All teachers are teachers of SEN

At Claremont our lessons are differentiated: this can be summarised simply as a recognition of walkers, joggers and runners in any given session. Teachers spell out what the walkers need to do and that everyone aims to achieve this, the joggers will go on to the second layer and it is made clear that most are expected to achieve this. The runners will reach the third layer of differentiation, and a few will be told they are expected to get there (see Learning and Teaching Policy). Different classes use different labels for these layers of work. Most children push
themselves to achieve in these circumstances and many will be asking ‘what the
sprint challenge is?’.

At Claremont we ensure high quality provision within mainstream lessons which is an important factor in helping pupils with special needs make good progress alongside their peers.

Quality first teaching draws on a repertoire of teaching strategies and techniques that are closely matched to the specified learning objectives and the particular needs of the children in the class. The regular progress reviews, PPP and differentiation in the classroom all help pupils overcome some of the barriers to learning. Teachers will discuss these plans with the parent/carer if a pupil's progress is less than expected, or it is thought that a pupil might have learning blocks.

If you have any concerns about your child, please talk to their class teacher in the first instance. The SENCo can be contacted on 01892 554690 or via email senco@claremont.kent.sch.uk

Frequently Asked Questions about SEN

Who is involved in Special Educational Needs at Claremont?
What are Special Educational Needs (SEN)?
What is Claremont's SEN policy?
How do we assess your child?
When will my child be put on the SEN register and what level of support will they be given?
What progress is expected for children with SEN?
What are personal provision plans (PPP)?
How do we communicate with parents?
How do we access support from other agencies?
Where can I find additional information about SEN?

Our Support - What we offer

The linked information below details the range of difficulties that children commonly experience at Claremont School and the interventions that we currently offer. However, we are committed to meeting the needs of every child, so this list will be reviewed regularly and will change to suit the needs of pupils.

Asperger Syndrome
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
Auditory Processing Disorder
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Downs Syndrome
Glue Ear
Sensory Processing Difficulty

Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties
Social Communication Disorder
Specific Language Impairment
Emotional Difficulties/Counselling

A Guide to Specific Interventions we offer at Claremont School
Literacy based
Speech and Language based
Maths based

General Interventions

How we support Pupil Premium

Please follow the link for the latest Pupil Premium Report.

SEN Information Report

Please click here for this report which reviews SEN provision at Claremont.

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