17 April 2021
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Sport at Claremont

Our broad aim for all children in PE and Games is to promote healthy physical development through the acquisition of skills, co-operation and confidence. We endeavour to achieve this in an atmosphere which encourages individual and team effort. The children take part in movement and dance, apparatus work and educational gymnastics, team games, swimming and athletics.

We consider these activities to be an important part of your child's education. Children are expected to participate unless there are special grounds for exclusion. If your child is unfit for an activity, please write us a note and we will make alternative arrangements. It is important that your child is provided with kit
on the appropriate days.

We run a variety of clubs throughout the year to cater for many children and different sports. In the summer the whole school takes part in a Sports Day. This includes a wide range of activities which are fun and enjoyable. We take part in
numerous local festivals throughout the year such as cross country, tag rugby, football, netball, tri-golf, indoor athletics and cricket.

Primary School PE Funding

At Claremont we value the vital contribution that Physical Education makes to the health and well-being of our children. We believe that a varied and innovative curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities can have a positive influence on
the concentration, attitude and achievement in all areas of a young person's life.

What is the Sports Premium?

The Sports Premium is a sum of money allocated to the school by the government to improve the teaching and learning of PE. Each year the PE coordinator and Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead create an action plan looking at the areas that need improvement in order to enable all children and staff to have a healthy body and mind. Details of spending in previous years is detailed below.

What we have spent the money on so far:

Funding: £20,070

Spending Highlights
1: CPD Swimming Training £450
2: Membership of TWKSSP for CPD and competitions £2275
3: Contribution to Active Maths and Active English £695
4: Introduction of YourTrak to encourage daily mile £500
5: Competition Entries £460

For a more detailed plan see the development plan attached.

Funding: £20,380

Spending Highlights
1: CPD Outdoor Games: £6,500
2: Entry into competitions: £800
3: Membership of Governing Bodies: £200
4: Wellbeing: £500
5: Live Sport Events: £500

For a more detailed plan see the
development plan attached.

Funding: £20,410

Spending Highlights
1: CPD Gymnastics £5,800
2: Entry into competitions £1,000
3: CPD Swimming £500
4: Memberships of Governing Bodies £250
5: CPD Forest School £3,500

For a more detailed plan, follow the link to our development plan.

Funding: £10,200

Spending Highlights
1. Specialist teacher release 1 day a week- £6800
2. Storage £1200
3. Primary Fitness £1350
4. 5 a day subscription £203.55
5. Entry into competitions £605
6. Attendance at sporting events subsidy- £250

For a more detailed explanation follow the link to our development plan.

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