22 August 2019
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Staff with Responsibilities

School Area Members of Staff
Headteacher/Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Sylvia Crockett
Deputy Headteacher - Standards and Curriculum/Deputy Safeguarding Lead Mrs Candi Roberts
Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral/EYFS & Y1 Pastoral Leader/Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Michele Baldwin
Mrs Clare Smith
Year 6
Mrs Jenny Ball - Aspen class
Mr Jon Greaves - Whitebeam class
Mr Oliver Hume - Hawthorn class
Year 5
Mr Joe Gerrard - Linden class
Mr Andrew Miles - Elder class
Year 4
Mr Chris Hogwood (Y4-6 Pastoral Leader) - Juniper class
Miss Hannah Newby- Acer class
Year 3
Mr Domonic Coulson/Mrs Elaine Brooks(Y2&3 Pastoral Leader) - Hazel class
Mrs Sally Moss Tallon - Cedar class
Year 2
Mrs Julie Levett - Rowan class
Mrs Mary-Lou Perry/Mrs Clare Smith - Maple class
Year 1
Mr Jack Care - Elm class
Miss Laura Edmonds - Ash class
Mrs Orla Bird - Saplings class
Mrs Mel Gammage/Mrs Judith Cramer Todd - Acorns class
Cover Supervisors Mrs Dee Hyder
Mrs Amy Webb
Teaching Partners

Mrs H Bamford (SEN Support)
Mrs J Barrowman (Year R)
Mrs Tracy Brookbank (Year 6)
Mrs Tamara Bundell (Year 3)
Mrs Claudine Cerrini (Year 5)
Mrs Rachel Fenlon (SEN Support)
Mrs Debbie Gallon (SEN support and Year 5)
Mrs Annabel Greig (Year 4)
Mrs Anna Lee (Year 1)
Mrs Miranda Muir (SEN support)
Mrs Lisa Ogunkoya-Howland (SEN support)
Ms Rebecca Owens (Year 6)
Mrs Louise Paine (SEN support)
Mrs Liz Pelham (Year 2)
Mrs Alison Pierce (Year 5)
Mrs Lorraine Stapleton (Year 2)
Mrs Sheila Trochimiuk (Year 1)
Mrs Sally Vincent (Year 6)
Mrs Tara Vincent (Year 4)
Mrs Sue Wheeler (Year R)
Mrs Imogen Williams (Year 3)
Mrs Sue WIlsher (SEN support)
Miss Marta Zielinska (Year 3)
School Business Manager
Office Manager/Admissions Officer
Administrative Assistant
Finance Assistant
SEN Administrative Assistant
Site Caretaker
Mrs Julie Cook
Mrs Jodi Stevens
Mrs Stephanie Kirk
Mrs Diana Greenwood
Mrs Claudine Cerrini
Senor Lalo Fernandez Cortes
Midday Supervisors Mrs Helene Ib
Mrs Anna Lee
Mrs Marketa Maclean
Mrs Claire Mannion
Mrs Lisa Ogunkoya-Howland
Mrs Lynda Saunders
Mrs Amy Webb
Miss Marta Zielinska

Detailed Staff Responsibilities 2018-2019

Please click here for further details of Claremont's staff structure.
Please click here for Subject Leaders.

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