28 June 2022
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Strategic School Plan

The School Improvement Cycle

The school improvement cycle enables staff and governors to have a long term view of the development of the school. We start by using internal and external data to establish where we are and what are the key areas for improvement (the drivers). Due to the national situation currently, this year we have also considered how to ensure pupils are supported within a Recovery Curriculum. We believe that a Recovery Curriculum has 2 equal elements: to ensure all pupils are happy, safe and presents positive mental health, and to provide a broad, balanced curriculum to allow pupils the opportunity to catch up and extend their learning ability. This then informs the Strategic School Plan, success criteria and individual group actions. Each group is led by a senior member of staff with expertise in that area and I am pleased that most staff, including support staff, have opted to join one of the groups. Governors monitor actions and their impact. Throughout the year the actions are reviewed and developed. All staff objectives for appraisals are linked to the success criteria of the Strategic School Plan as is the CPD programme and budget setting. All staff are given an annual calendar which highlights the dates for school improvement, monitoring and assessment.

Our Key Drivers for our Strategic School Plan 2021-22 are:

  • Embed and sustain a whole school pastoral culture which supports positive mental and physical wellbeing for children and staff including managing workload
  • Support recovery of pupil independence.
  • Support the educational recovery for ALL pupils across a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures explicit links between content and National Curriculum and secures National expectation and above.
  • Secure high writing expectations across all subjects and environment.
  • To extend and embed effective assessment in all subjects including gap analysis and planning from baselines.
  • To secure the use of digital platforms to enhance the broad and balanced curriculum including The Arts and develop digital skills of all pupils.

Financial Benchmarking

Our strategic plan revolves around the best outcomes for our pupils. Of course there are financial implications attached to that and as part of best practice, schools are required to benchmark financially against other schools in order to ensure that the most effective use of money is taking place.

Claremont Primary School currently employees no staff over £100K

Please click on this link for details.

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