21 May 2022
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Welcome to Reception Year

Once offers for Reception places are made in April, we send out a Welcome Letter with information and details of the events and activities that we have put in place to help you and your child through the process of starting school. Once you have accepted the place we send out a subsequent pack of admission forms.

Our first event is a coffee morning and curriculum presentation. This is for parents only and is an opportunity for you to meet the class teachers, other parents, find out about the curriculum and how to prepare your child for school.

In July, there is a taster session for your child where they visit their new classroom, meet the teacher and teaching partners, and familiarise themselves with their new school environment in a group of 15 children.

We also arrange individual parent/carer and child visits to the classroom in September. This is a chance for the teachers and teaching partners to meet you and your child for 15 minutes or so.

Finally the PTA organise a welcome evening in September. This is an informal get together so you can get to know other new parents.

Information on start dates, part time options, school uniform and the PTA are also included in the Welcome Packs.

Please see Preparing your Child for School for advice on what you can do to support your child before starting school and we produce a booklet 'Welcome to Claremont Primary School' which introduces the teachers, the classrooms and the routines. This will be ready for the coffee morning in June. We are also an Early Adopter of the Early Years Reforms. A document with a brief description of this will follow.

Please see here for September 2022 start dates and times for Groups 1 and 2.

Our Reception classes are Acorns and Saplings and to give you a flavour, below are short welcome videos, stories from the current class teachers for 2021-22:



Coming into school:

Mrs Bird reads a story:

Mrs Perry reads a story:

Mrs Gammage reads a story:

Mrs Smith reads a story:

Some words of advice from Reception parents whose children started in September 2021:

My son was very tired after a full day of school and found the large number of children, all the new faces and social interactions on the playground very overwhelming and stressful. When I started picking him up at 1pm he found it much easier to adapt to school life. Knowing I would be there on the other side of playtime
helped him to become much more resilient and able to handle the school day with
enthusiasm. The gentler transition to full time was perfect for him.

The 'hug button' idea that parents are using to help children nervous about starting school - Manchester Evening News

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